Flag of Kurdistan


Kurdish flag colors originate in the Median Empire (600 BC) when they used flags in the colors Kesk (green) sor (red) and zer (yellow) and the flag began to be used during the freedom movement from the Ottoman Empire, in 1800s  end had been inspired by these colors.

It is a tricolor with horizontal fields in the colors red, white and green, and a yellow sun disc with 21 jets in its center.
Xoybûn Organization introduced a variation of flag used within the limits of self-proclaimed Ararat in Turkey Republic in the period 1927-1931.

After the Republic’s case appeared the original flag up again in 1932 on the cover of the Kurdish but Damascus-based newspaper Hawar of Celadet Ali Bedirxan, who was also a founder of Xoybûn.
Bedirxan described flag:

”Ala curdan, j chains pray bi Jer woes, look hev, fairs, SPI û qesq e, di Nava WE de roj diçirise”

Translated into English:

”The Kurdish flag is from above to below red, white and green, in its middle rays of the sun”
In a time of oppression and dictatorship flag mainly known among the intellectuals but shortly after the Second World War, was proclaimed a republic yet – this time within Iran’s borders: the Republic of Kurdistan (known as the Republic of Mahabad). In the beginning was the Soviet-supported and thus modified the flag a bit, for example, was typical of socialist symbol – wheat wreath – to. Contradictions among the Kurdish clans and that the promised arms supplies from the Soviet Union did not materialize led to its case, less than a year later. After the Kurdistan Republic cases reverted to the original flag.

The main feature of the flag is the blazing golden sun in the middle. Solar disk has 21 jets, equal in size and shape. Blackjack is an honorable number that symbolizes the rebirth of the ancient Kurdish religion yazdânism and its modern offshoots, yezidism, yarsanism (kakey) and Alevism.

The color red symbolizes Kurdish struggle, bloodshed and the continuing battle for dignity and humanity.
The color green symbolizes the Kurdistan landscape, its beauty and vitality.
White symbolizes peace, freedom and equality.

Yellow represents the source of life and the people’s light.
A document that addresses adaptation to international flag standards was made in 1998 by Dr. Mehrdad Izady (historical and aesthetic aspects) and Dr. Bijhan Eliasi (technical aspects). The flag was immediately accepted by the International Flag Institute.

In 1999 it was adopted by the Kurdistan Regional Parliament (in Iraq) that the Kurdistan official flag. Since then it has been widely adopted throughout the world as the symbol of Kurdistan and kurdistani engines.


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