PKK versus Turkey

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-PKK Besiege not Ankara, Turkey besieges Amed and all other Kurdish towns in northern Kurdistan.

-PKK Has not imposed a state of emergency and curfew in Istanbul or in Izmir, for example, Turkey has introduced a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in several Kurdish cities.

-PKK War against the Turkish armed forces, Turkey war against the Kurdish civilian population.

-PKK Have not killed one Turkish child, Turkey has cold-bloodedly killed 350 Kurdish children only during Erdogan’s time.
-PKK Not torture captured Turkish soldiers, Turkey torturing and dress of the dead and they throw in the streets.

-PKK Not hit by either telephone, electricity network or the Internet for any citizen, Turkey has put the system to turn off the electricity, telephone and internet in the Kurdish cities to collectively punish the Kurds.

-PKK Not block Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, Turkey has to and from blocked Youtube, Facebook and Twitter since many years.

-PKK Is not a single Turkish politicians or other working turk in jail, Turkey keeps about 15,000 Kurdish and leftist politicians, human rights activists, journalists, writers, publishers, singers, dancers and poets and others in terror prisons.

-PKK Have not closed down any Turkish TV or radio channel, Turkey has closed down 96 Kurdish TV and radio channels and newspapers.

-PKK Prohibits not speak their mother tongue, practice their religion or rename the citizens who vote for the AKP for dishonest and traitors, Turkey’s constitution allows only Turkish as the language and Turkish politicians call the citizens who vote for HDP just dishonest, unfaithful and traitors.

-PKK Want diversity, Turkey silliness.
-PKK Want to introduce democracy, Turkey theocracy.
-PKK Stands for gender equality, Turkey patriarchy.

The PKK is a terrorist stamped, Turkey, the West’s man child.
Assess themselves.

# SupportPKKsupporthumanrights.

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