Free Abdullah Öcalan


Freedom for Ocalan!!

U.K trade unions with the assitance of various Kurdish Community orginsations are running a campaign in the UK parliament with the assistance of international delegates to pressure the government into releasing the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

What is happening in Kurdistan at the moment?

The Islamic State is terrorising Rojava, while its long-standing helper, Turkish President Erdogan,
terrorises the Kurdish regions in Turkey. Erdogan decided in favour of war and state terror
against the population. As a result, hundreds of civilians have been killed and entire cities
have been bombed in the past weeks–not in Syria, but in Turkey!

Autonomy demands

The fact that the Kurds in Rojava (Syria) achieved the autonomy they fought for has moved
the Turkish state to act even more aggressively towards the demands of the Kurds in Bakur
(Turkey) for more self-determination. Erdogan categorically rejects any kind of dialogue and
instead opts for civil war and a “military solution” which is impossible to achieve. The only
possible solution are talks over political demands of the Kurdish population.

Tireless peace efforts

For many years, Abdullah Öcalan has been trying to bring about favourable conditions for a
peaceful, political solution to the conflict. He held talks for a solution with the Turkish government
for years. In 2009, he proposed his “Road Map for Peace”. In 2013, his call for the withdrawal
of the guerrillas effectively stopped the armed conflict in Turkey. He keeps on being the
voice of peace and reason.

Öcalan must be free

Öcalan’s freedom is not only a key demand of millions of Kurds. Together with the release of the
other political prisoners, it is a necessary step on the way to peace. Öcalan is recognised by all
sides as the key person for a real peace process. He has put a peaceful solution on the Kurdish
people’s agenda. His “Road map” is the only comprehensive peace plan on the table so far. He
has to be free and able to communicate with all parties concerned.

Why are we here?

The renewed total isolation of Öcalan on Imrali Island was the start signal for the current escalation.
Erdogan is doing everything in his power to block a peaceful solution. We want peace and
a democratic solution in Kurdistan and Turkey. We believe that Abdullah Öcalan with his ideas
for a democratic autonomy

Please sign the petetion, there are over 10 million signatures for”

By Ari Murad